How to choose a running jacket? The most important features

Little did you know, wearing the proper clothes can help you run faster and longer while providing the maximum comfort. As a result, many cloth companies introduce their running jackets claiming that they’re the bests.

However, things are not that simple. To help you with your running, here are our experts’ opinions on how to choose a running jacket. It covers all the important factors that you need to carefully consider before purchasing your running wear.


Since you’ll be doing a lot of running with the jacket, it needs to have good breathability to ensure the excess heat can escape. Moreover, if your jacket doesn’t have good ventilation, you can easily drown in your own sweat.

In additions, jacket with poor airflow would reduce the dissipation of moisture, thus making your body temperature higher than it should be. This would eventually affect your running performance and make your exercises less effective.

The breathability of a jacket depends a lot on the construction of fabric and its natures. Mesh panel is a common way of dealing with moisture, together with overlapped flaps.


Firstly, the jacket should come with a soft and skin-friendly inner layer. This would help reduce stress and tension during a long running session. Moreover, the layer material must also have good moisture absorbent and ventilation so that sweats are no longer be a problem.

For running purposes, I recommend choosing clothes that have a good fit but are still relatively loose for comfortable movements.


Another thing with running is that we’ll have to accept unsupported weather conditions as a part of it. Hence, prepare suitable clothes depending on different weather conditions is a must. Make sure your jacket has good water and wind insulation so you’re well prepared when going out for a run.

Moreover, for the winter season, it’s always nice to put on a warm jacket with multiple layers before going out. You can easily get sick if you don’t protect your body from the freezing cold. In additions, jackets that also comes with hoods are more preferable.


It’s important to be recognized by other vehicles when doing a marathon exercise, especially when you’re running on the road or even pavement. Reduced visions, as well as distracted drivers, are the top reasons for many unwanted accidents.
To deal with this, I suggest wearing bright and reflective jackets when running in the night or at dawn. During the midday when you can’t rely on reflective accessories, it’s reasonable to wear jackets with colors that differentiate from the surrounding environment.


Since you’ll be running with the jacket a lot, it’s reasonable to ensure their durability. Poorly constructed clothes can easily be damaged from the intensive stresses that they withstand every day. You wouldn’t want a jacket that scratch after just a few running rounds, right?


It is one of the key elements that every running jacket should have. The light and comfortable weight allow users to perform better at running, especially with marathon activities. However, your jackets must still come with reliable durability. If you just focus on the lightweight, a raincoat should be a more appropriate choice.

Other features


The most important purpose of having a rainproof jacket is that you can carry it with you every time you going out as a preparation. The jacket should be able to fit on a small zipper bag so you can tight on your belt while running. And when it starts to rain or become too windy, you can unfold the jacket in a matter of seconds.

Additional pocket

From my experiences, running jacket doesn’t need to have many pockets. Since you’ll need to reduce your weight to the minimum during your run, any additional pockets would be unnecessary. Not to mention that putting heavy items on your pockets would affect your balance and momentum when running.
And that’s our opinions on how to choose a running jacket. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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