How to choose a running jacket? The most important features

Little did you know, wearing the proper clothes can help you run faster and longer while providing the maximum comfort. As a result, many cloth companies introduce their running jackets claiming that they’re the bests.

However, things are not that simple. To help you with your running, here are our experts’ opinions on how to choose a running jacket. It covers all the important factors that you need to carefully consider before purchasing your running wear.


Since you’ll be doing a lot of running with the jacket, it needs to have good breathability to ensure the excess heat can escape. Moreover, if your jacket doesn’t have good ventilation, you can easily drown in your own sweat.

In additions, jacket with poor airflow would reduce the dissipation of moisture, thus making your body temperature higher than it should be. This would eventually affect your running performance and make your exercises less effective.

The breathability of a jacket depends a lot on the construction of fabric and its natures. Mesh panel is a common way of dealing with moisture, together with overlapped flaps.


Firstly, the jacket should come with a soft and skin-friendly inner layer. This would help reduce stress and tension during a long running session. Moreover, the layer material must also have good moisture absorbent and ventilation so that sweats are no longer be a problem.

For running purposes, I recommend choosing clothes that have a good fit but are still relatively loose for comfortable movements.


Another thing with running is that we’ll have to accept unsupported weather conditions as a part of it. Hence, prepare suitable clothes depending on different weather conditions is a must. Make sure your jacket has good water and wind insulation so you’re well prepared when going out for a run.

Moreover, for the winter season, it’s always nice to put on a warm jacket with multiple layers before going out. You can easily get sick if you don’t protect your body from the freezing cold. In additions, jackets that also comes with hoods are more preferable.


It’s important to be recognized by other vehicles when doing a marathon exercise, especially when you’re running on the road or even pavement. Reduced visions, as well as distracted drivers, are the top reasons for many unwanted accidents.
To deal with this, I suggest wearing bright and reflective jackets when running in the night or at dawn. During the midday when you can’t rely on reflective accessories, it’s reasonable to wear jackets with colors that differentiate from the surrounding environment.


Since you’ll be running with the jacket a lot, it’s reasonable to ensure their durability. Poorly constructed clothes can easily be damaged from the intensive stresses that they withstand every day. You wouldn’t want a jacket that scratch after just a few running rounds, right?


It is one of the key elements that every running jacket should have. The light and comfortable weight allow users to perform better at running, especially with marathon activities. However, your jackets must still come with reliable durability. If you just focus on the lightweight, a raincoat should be a more appropriate choice.

Other features


The most important purpose of having a rainproof jacket is that you can carry it with you every time you going out as a preparation. The jacket should be able to fit on a small zipper bag so you can tight on your belt while running. And when it starts to rain or become too windy, you can unfold the jacket in a matter of seconds.

Additional pocket

From my experiences, running jacket doesn’t need to have many pockets. Since you’ll need to reduce your weight to the minimum during your run, any additional pockets would be unnecessary. Not to mention that putting heavy items on your pockets would affect your balance and momentum when running.
And that’s our opinions on how to choose a running jacket. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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Learn About the Waterproof Jacket for Running

Running keeps your body fit and healthy. However, exposing yourself to elements of weather like rains might make you catch a cold. This is why if it rains while you are out on the track, you need a way to protect yourself. At times, it is hard to precisely predict when it will rain. Due to unpredictable weather, there is always a need to own a waterproof jacket for running. The market is flooded with such products hence they are easily available for those that are interested.

If you love running, it is essential to ensure that you get a waterproof jacket for running. These jackets are made especially for running hence do not go for the casual ones. Among the category of waterproof jackets, you will realize that some of the jackets tend to be more waterproof than others due to the variance in quality. Some of them are durable than the others while some tend to be warmer than their counterparts. Waterproof running also has different features like the stretch and fit when someone wears them. Each person chooses a different jacket from the other hence the best waterproof running jacket for a person may not be the best for another person. It all depends on the weather that each individual is bound to experience and the length of time that you will spend outside the house. The level of protection that you will need when you are running in high altitude areas like mountains or hills or even in the winter is different from that needed when running in the rainy or chilly local parks.

What Is Waterproof?

A material is said to be waterproof if it has the ability to sustain a 1000mm water column without having a leakage. This is referred to as the Hydrostatic Head measure. If the material can sustain more water than this then it means that it is more waterproof. There are additional systems that ensure that the jacket you are wearing does not leak. Such systems include taped seams among others. A running jacket with such properties is the best for running.


Mostly, your body will tend to get warmer when you are jogging or running. The body will then begin to sweat which means that you will need a jacket that keeps you comfortable. The best factor to consider here would be the breathability of the jacket. For a long time, the idea of breathability was not integrated into waterproof jackets. This means that you would get as wet on the inside as you get on the outside due to perspiration. This made many runners to avoid waterproof jackets unless if the conditions became extreme. The integration of breathability property has made running easier since these jackets do not make you wet on the inside as you try to avoid the wetness from the outside.

The measure of breathability is the amount of water vapour that passes through a piece of fabric in 24 hour time. If the figures are high, the material is more breathable. However, stopping moisture from building up is hard hence the essence of breathability property is to reduce the amount of moisture that builds up. Breathability of jackets depends on air pressure that needs you to sweat a little for the moisture to get out. The best waterproof running jacket is the one that has a thin layer on the inside that can wick away the sweat and helps in keeping you warm. This will ensure that you are always comfortable and warm at the same time. You will need waterproof jackets like La Sportiva Odyssey and Inov-8 Protect Shell among others that protect you against extreme weather. You will need some others that you can use for running in all seasons of the year like Raid Hyperlight and Inov-8’s storm shell. There are also running jackets for comfort which are made of softer materials and include Ronhill Nightfall and Raidlight Ultra MP among others. Ideally, you will need to carry waterproof body cover if you need to stay warm and dry while on the race.


Waterproof running jackets are very helpful to the people who consider using them. They help to protect the user from the extreme weather conditions like rainfall, winters and even the cold weather on top of mountains or hills. You can buy the best waterproof jacket at

In this sense, you will need to get the best waterproof jacket for your running activities. You need to consider the breathability and the nature of the material making up the jacket when you go to purchase one.

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Earth Day at the Showroom Pasadena


It is no secret that consumer culture at the level we see today is hurting our planet. Instead of wearing our clothes to shreds, we toss out a shirt due to a stain or a hole, or merely because it is out of style…and then head to the nearest shopping center to replace the items we’ve just discarded with newer, updated versions. We are all guilty of it.

Here at The Showroom Pasadena, we are advocates of conscious-consumerism. Our curated selection of designer and contemporary clothing and accessories reflects our dedication to breaking the endless cycle of buy-wear-discard.


Becoming a conscious-consumer requires familiarizing yourself with the origins of your clothing, and how those clothes are being made. We pride ourselves in giving a second-life to apparel with designer labels. Our focus on designer labels comes from our appreciation of quality garments and handbags, and other accessories. These items, often hand-crafted, made from natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool, linen, and leather, and/or made in the USA, Italy, or France, are far less likely to fall apart with wear.

Shopping consignment or conversely consigning (or donating) your clothes helps the planet by:

1 – Eliminating landfill waste. According to The Atlantic, Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to land fills every year.

2 – Reducing our carbon footprint. It has been estimated that 29% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions result from the manufacturing, transport, and final disposal of material items. By shopping consignment and reselling items you no longer use, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

3 – Encouraging fast-fashion retailers to become more sustainable. Brands like Patagonia, Levi’s, Eileen Fisher, and even H&M have joined the green movement and now have in-store recycling programs.


Check out a few of our favorite pieces from several of the conscientious brands we carry at TSP:

Leather Backpack by Eileen Fisher
Sunglasses by California-based brand Westward Leaning
100% Cotton Dress by Paul & Joe

Behind the Scenes at Tsp

We were so excited to have Taryn of Pasadena Charm stop by the Showroom last week. Taryn, who is in the process of launching her lifestyle blog that features all things Pasadena, has established herself on Instagram as an in-the-know city guide for the hidden gems throughout the City of Roses- TSP included!

After browsing our collection, she selected a few stand-out items that really spoke to her to try on. Her picks included: a Sincerely Jules tee styled with a classic black denim skirt, rose gold Lacoste sneakers which she paired with multiple dresses, and a beautiful TY-LR Houndstooth Gown, (pictured below).

Visit Pasadena Charm to keep up with Taryn’s adventures in and around Pasadena.